Our team

Our Team

We have built a very capable and friendly team that look forward to supporting you. Their experience, teamed with our ‘flat’ company structure ensures that we are consistently striving to achieve best practice and listen to any new ideas our team may suggest.

Account Manager

Your Account Manager will support you by understanding your individuals needs and responding to them. They have the knowledge to support you with orders placed and will oversee your order from receipt at the Pharmacy to arriving with you.

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is tasked with ensuring that service delivery remains excellent and real to your needs. They assume overall responsibility for order fulfilment and despatch, ensuring that supplies are efficiently and professionally handled.

Pharmacy Team

We have a dedicated team of clinical pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Our Pharmacy team are responsible for fulfilling orders, whilst the clinical pharmacists are on hand to clinically assess all prescription orders upholding all legal and clinical requirements.